Trapped 5 Game


Game Info: Trapped 5 Game

Description:Be patient, game takes a minute to load (no pre-loader). Like the original game, you are trappedMost enemies appear randomly, so don"t rush into a room. You never know what lies ahead. Everything pretty much happens for a reason - take note of things. Life packs always stay where they were left unless you pick one up. So use them in moderation and take note of where they are. Go out of a room and then back in to have enemies appear in a different place. If you get trapped betweena couple of enemies and/or a wall and enemies then you have to keep using a bomb to escape, eventhough it hurts you too.Blue ground buttons do random things. For some puzzles they will reset the position of things and whereyou are. Press "a" when you are standing on them.Game Instructions:Moving and navigating around - arrow keys:Action and checking - "a" key:Show/hide menu, pause - "m" key:Toggle options - space:Set / detonate bomb - "z":

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