Salta Col Game


Game Info: Salta Col Game

Description:Help the male Saltacol, a rare insect reach the female to avoid their extinction....Game Instructions:Thousands of years ago the grasslands of Siberia were infested with Saltacols, A little known specie of insects. Today there is only one male and female in existence but unfortunately they are worlds apart. You have to help the male reach the female who is in the caves of Badmilk or else the Saltacol will become extinct. For this he will have to go through the dangerous caves. Make him jump through the levels, open the exit doors using the lever and reach the exits to move on to the next level. Avoid all the bushes and other obstacles. Left Click on the insect and hold it, then move your Mouse to set the direction of jump. The further you take the mouse pointer, the longer the jump will be. Then release the mouse button to make him jump. Hint:Use the thin white line as a reference to adjust the direction and power of your jump.

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